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The year of 2020 was a mess but also supposedly a year for reflection, for finding new hobbies, for finishing up lingering projects. To look to the past and plan for the future. Since we had so much "free time". I enjoyed watching youtubers renovate their homes and trying new recipes. Personally I did none of that.

It's 2021. To be exact, it's mid February of 2021.

I'm fortunate enough to have a stable job that allowed me to work from home and pay the bills. This job, however, has also kept me quite occupied since the first lockdown in March 2020. So here I am, well past 2020, even past the Lunar New Year of 2021 at this point, finally sitting down to reflect...

"Norms" would suggest perhaps I should be married by now and have kids. Maybe own a home. Maybe also have an idea of my career path.

But what are the "norms" anyway? And how much should I care?

2020 passed quickly and slowly at the same time. I felt productive in terms of work, but also realized I've sat around a lot - work in front of a computer > commute for 10 steps > off-work for some tv/reading/eating. There was a lot of procrastination.

I am unmotivated. I am wondering if I have "wasted" 2020 whilst I was home. Becoming one of those lost souls in the financial services industry in the movie Soul. Maybe I could have spent my time wiser? Maybe I could have tackled something on the personal "longlist"? A year later, since we're still working from home, I have decided to try tracking how I am doing to make sure I'm not "wasting" days.

This blog will not be filled with influencer-post-worthy activities as everyone should know by now, those are curated and not how normal people live. I will use this blog to note each day what I've done/happened that are not part of my normal routine, and celebrate accomplishments along the way (no matter how small; we all need pat on the backs now more than ever!). This will be a public platform to hold myself accountable and to make sure I check in with myself daily.

I don't know if this will work/make working from home more interesting, but it's worth a try. And if nothing interesting happens, maybe I'll be motivated to try something new for the blog, or if not, at least stop and count my blessings. Tomorrow is another day; today won't come again. But then again, tomorrow is another day, no need to be overly harsh with oneself, right?

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