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Day 4 - getting off the couch

Before the pandemic lockdown, I didn't know my lifestyle could be more sedentary than it was then. In a good week, I would've gone to yoga once or twice. Workout at home or in the neighborhood is nonexistent, unless you count walking the dog in the park...

After lockdown, I lost the daily walks to and from subway stations, in and around the office (the bathroom is kind of far, at least compared to my current distance between desk and bathroom), coffee runs, etc. We could also go shopping or stand around chatting at a bar in the weekends. Now everything is limited within an NYC apartment.

Thinking back, since March 2020, I went hiking no more than 3 times, did yoga definitely under 20 times. I don't have the habit of running. I don't do any weights. So, meaning, there has been A LOT of sitting around.

I now have trouble fitting into my jeans and trousers. Not a problem unless on the rare occasions I have get out of sweatpants/joggers to be presentable enough to socialize. The midsection problem has been bothering me, but (finally) I am motivated enough to get off the couch to start exercising today. Also need to be proactive about retaining my calcium as well as not getting flappy arms (not ready for them yet!).

My goal is to be able to wear what I wore just last spring/summer again this year! I am NOT buying new clothes. What I have in the wardrobe are fine; it is I that need beating back into shape. From now on, every time I started browsing for new clothes, I just need to workout instead.

I have 2-3 months give or take? Let's do this.

Started off "easy" with some "warm-ups" from Blogilates- BURNING ALREADY. HELP. Didn't even finish the video...heh...

I've followed Cassey since the early days (even though I'm quite lazy with my workouts), but she has a ton of videos from cardio to toning to stretching - all make you BURN. I plan on doing her workouts as well as my yoga go-to Yoga with Adriene (speaking of, she's in Texas, hope she and family are doing ok; hope everyone's doing ok and staying safe).

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