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Day 3 - taking it easy

Wrapping up the night. I am a fan of this new blogging routine. It's like journaling, except it's public and therefore holds me accountable. Knowing I need to "report back" at the end of the day has motivated me to plan my day more consciously, rather than realizing I have wasted precious time after hours of mindless scrolling on my phone.

Taking it easy today with some post-work reading - currently reading Separation Anxiety by Laura Zigman. A little over halfway through; been enjoying it so far. Definitely an easier read in terms of the writing style and content, compared to the last few I read. Nonetheless, the author is exploring an interesting and heart-wrenching topic. TBC...

Should I do book reviews? I didn't go to school for writing or literature, nor am I a seasoned reader/book snob, but I do enjoy a good book and try to at least read regularly. Maybe I'll do batch reviews like quarterly, as it takes me quite some time to get through just a few (oops). Maybe I'll cheat and do reviews on books I've read in 2020 to kick things off.

Until tomorrow...take care everyone!

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