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Day 2 - appointments

Today has been uneventful so I had really a hard time coming up with my non-routine "activity/task". I almost wanted to take credit for watching the new season's first episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. In my defense, show has been on break since late November so this activity has not been in the routine for over two months (heh heh).

This is Day 2 only. Not good. But I think this blog is working; it's forcing me to do at least something.

I have a longlist, like doing my tax returns, but who wants to do that after a day of work?! Yes I am an accountant, but I don't do taxes for a living (don't even get me started; why do people always ask tax questions when they find out I am an accountant? I didn't specialize in tax in college nor did I work in tax group after graduation. Believe it or not, accounting has more to it than you think). And even then, I doubt I will want to do my own tax returns at 9pm on a weeknight.

So, I'll keep it on the longlist and procrastinate for a bit.

Instead, I did something else that is also very important - schedule my routine annual check-ups. I have gone in a little before lockdown in March 2020, so I am definitely due for another round. I usually schedule everything for the same day so I only need to take 1 day off/make 1 trip. I also tend to do this beginning of the year as a gift to self to take care of self. Nothing in particular this usual OBGYN and dermatology appointments. Should get my eyes checked too this year - has been at least 2 years since the last check-up. Throw in a facial too maybe? How do we feel about facials during the pandemic?

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