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Day 1 - here we go

So, not to brag, I felt like I've done loads already. Getting this blog in some presentable shape, for example. I also think because today was a holiday I was able to spend a little more time doing non-work-related tasks.

The main thing for today was reading up on an interesting data analytics company headquartered here in NYC, which led to reading up on the Subscription Economy. Before today, I didn't even know there was a term for it. Linking here an easy-to-read accounting and finance-based overview by zuora.

Also read and listened to some podcasts on an ERP system that my current company doesn't use but many do; figured at least knowing it high level would be helpful. Down the road I would hope to learn some SQL and basic programming t0o. I do not want to someday be replaced by a robot...

All in all, quite a nerdy accounting day. (Side note:#howshouldweaccountforme was last updated 3 years ago??? My age is showing.)

Also, how are we all doing today?

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